Civic Exchange is a long-time champion for improving walkability in Hong Kong, one of the most densely built cities in the world.

Our research, public events, and outreach aim to create a city where walking is encouraged, convenient and enjoyable – and where street vibrancy is celebrated. We spearhead research, knowledge sharing, and stakeholder engagement on urban issues such as street management and the quality of open space in Hong Kong.


On 24 October 2018, Civic Exchange organised a press conference to launch the report. From left: Civic Exchange Research Consultant Jeffrey Chow, Civic Exchange CEO Winnie Cheung, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Senior Charities Manager Vivian Lee, Civic Exchange Senior Researcher and report author Carine Lai.

Open Space Opinion Survey

Civic Exchange conducted a public opinion survey of 3,600 Hong Kong residents across 18 districts on the quality of open space between January and February 2018. The goal is to develop evidence-based recommendations to inform policies on the planning, design, and management of open space as envisioned in “Hong Kong 2030+: Towards a Planning Vision and Strategy Transcending 2030”.

The “Space Talk, Space Walk” Public Forum

Civic Exchange organised a public forum on Friday 26 October. The forum explored three major open space themes: Hong Kong people’s views on the quality of open space in the city; the importance of open space to well-being; and people’s favourite open space examples and what makes them attractive.

The survey and public forum are part of the Jockey Club Civic Exchange “Reconnecting Open Space” Programme.

Managing Vibrant Streets

“Managing Vibrant Streets” analyses the patchwork of regulations surrounding street management in Hong Kong, including activities such as food hawking, commercial vending, busking, protest, deliveries and waste disposal. It calls for the Government to develop a cohesive policy in order to promote the vibrant street life which makes Hong Kong unique.

Our findings were presented at a launch event on 11 April 2018 by researchers Carine Lai and Antonio Da Souza, followed by a panel discussion with experts.


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