Ships are the number one emission source in Hong Kong. To tackle emissions from shipping and port activities in Hong Kong and the PRD region, Civic Exchange has been actively researching the extent and impact of ship emissions in the region and facilitating discussions for local and regional governments, shipping and container terminal industries, and air quality and logistics experts since 2006.

BREAKING NEWS! Civic Exchange welcomes the new Air Pollution Control (Ocean Going Vessels) (Fuel at Berth) Regulation (the Regulation) has been effective from 1 July 2015 [press release]. The Regulation requires ocean-going vessels (OGVs) to switch to clean marine fuel with sulphur content not exceeding 0.5 per cent while at berth. In the long run, Civic Exchange calls for tighter and uniform standards across the PRD region through the establishment of an emission control area in the PRD waters. We will also continue to work with the maritime industries for multiple emissions control measures, including shore power, vessel speed, and other technologies.

Civic Exchange’s Working Steps & Milestones in Hong Kong’s Ship Emission Control Policy: [YouTube promo]

Mar 2006 – Published the 1st marine emissions-related background study in Hong Kong.

Jun 2008 – Initiated the 1st stakeholder engagement project with the maritime industry.

Jan 2011 – Facilitated the launch of the Fair Winds Charter [click for details], the world’s 1st industry-led voluntary fuel switching initiative; Fair Winds Charter was further extended in 2013 and 2014.

Feb 2012 – The 1st ship emissions inventory study was completed for Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department.

Sep 2012 – Published the 1st ship emissions inventory & its health impact for the PRD region.

Oct 2012 – Taken Civic Exchange’s policy recommendation, HKSAR Government launched an incentive scheme for ocean going vessels (OGVs) switching to 0.5% sulphur fuel while berthing in Hong Kong.

Jan 2013 – The Chief Executive’s 2013 Policy Address announced the legislation plan to mandate at-berth fuel switching in Hong Kong.

Mar 2013 – Launched the 1st cruise ship emissions study in Hong Kong.

Nov 2013 – Provided a detailed discussion on the setting up of an emission control area in the PRD region.

Jul 2015 – The Air Pollution Control (Ocean Going Vessels) (Fuel at Berth) Regulation will become effective on 1 July 2015 – All OGVs will be required to switch to cleaner marine fuel with sulphur content not exceeding 0.5 per cent while at-berth, making Hong Kong the first in Asia to regulate ship emissions.

Hong Kong Ship Emissions videos:

Video 1: Background & Control Measures

Video 2: Emission Control Area

Video 3: Civic Exchange working steps