Hong Kong is a city of high and growing energy demand, and with that also a contributor to air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. As such, the ways we secure future energy supplies, and manage our energy demand and efficiency would have a long-lasting impact on Hong Kong’s sustainability, liveability, and carbon intensity. Hong Kong badly needs a long-term energy policy now.

Civic Exchange strongly believes that conserving energy and enhancing the efficient use of power should take high priority in the Government’s policy development. In terms of future energy mix for power generation, we must advance our discussion on the right mix of coal, natural gas, nuclear and renewables for providing reliable, safe, and affordable electricity, with high degree of energy security and minimal environmental and carbon footprint. To facilitate informed policy deliberation on all the above, increasing energy literacy among policy makers and the general public is critical. The same also applies for Hong Kong’s climate change and low-carbon development strategy.

To this end, Civic Exchange has initiated a seminar series on energy issues since 2006, as well as other open events on climate change. Through the lens of local, national and international experts, a diverse range of topics such as energy sources, short and long term supply, geopolitical and environmental implications, investment and finance, emissions trading, policy drivers, carbon tax, as well as climate mitigation and adaptation have been covered. Complementary to these public events, research reports and papers have been published at regular intervals to fill information gaps, to provide knowledge updates, and to enrich policy deliberation.