2013 Research Report

Radiation & Public Health

By Wong Tze Wai, Yip Sung Tat
1 April 2013

In April 2013, Civic Exchange published a report on radiation and public health. To download the report, click on the link above.

This report is one of the reports in Civic Exchange Energy Mix Project. A pamphlet series summarising the content of the report is an important step in Civic Exchange’s years-long journey to increasing energy literacy among policy makers and members of the general public, for informed deliberation of energy issues and energy policy in Hong Kong.

Pamphlets of the Radiation & Public Health:

Radiation and Public Health: Radiation, environment and medicine
Radiation and Public Health: Frequently asked questions about radiation
Radiation and Public Health: Ionizing radiation from nuclear power plants
Radiation and Public Health: Health effects of ionizing radiation
Radiation and Public Health: Deconstructing Radiation Basics