Mr. Christopher Law (Co-convenor)

Mr. Christopher Law is the founding director of the Oval Partnership, an award-winning architectural firm with offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, London and Liverpool. Mr. Law is a member of several public committees in Hong Kong including the Development Committee of the West Kowloon Cultural District as well as the chief curator and a founder of the community led public space cultural organisation, Very Hong Kong Foundation, among other projects.

Prof. Ester Cerin

Prof. Ester Cerin  is a professor at the Institute for Health and Ageing at Australian Catholic University and the School of Public Health of the University of Hong Kong.

Asso. Prof. Alain Chiaradia

Asso. Prof. Alain Chiaradia is an Associate Professor in the Department of Urban Planning and Design at the University of Hong Kong. He has directed major research projects on spatial design policy analysis, urban design policy and evidence-based spatial design for governments in cities such as Paris, London, Boston and Shanghai. He has advised leading international architectural firms.

Dr. Peter Cookson Smith

Dr. Peter Cookson Smith is an architect, planner, and urban designer. He founded Urbis Limited, one of the first urban design and planning consultancies in Southeast Asia, which over the past 40 years has won more than 150 local and international awards. He is Past President of the Hong Kong Institute of Planners and the Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design. He sits on the government’s Strategic Development Commission and the Harbourfront Commission. He has served as an Associate Professor at HKU and is currently an Adjunct Professor at CUHK.

Mr. Ivan Ko

Mr. Ivan Ko is the Chairman of the China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong and International Chapter (CRECCHKI) as well as Chairman of RECAS Group. He is member of the Advisory Committee of the Grand China Fund which was a pioneer of private equity real estate fund in China.  He is a Fellow Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.


Ms. Canny Baojun Ma

Ms. Canny Baojun Ma is a Council Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design. The projects she has participated in during the past decade cover regional strategic planning, community planning, and submissions to the Planning Authorities. Ms. Ma specializes in tourism master planning and design.

Mr. John So

Mr. John So is a Managing Director of Metropolitan Real Estate, a Carlyle Solutions Group company. With more than 25 years of experience in real estate investing, he is responsible for identifying, evaluating, and analyzing underlying fund managers and direct investment opportunities in Asia Pacific and is also a voting member of the global Investment Committee.

Mr. Oren Tatcher 

Mr. Oren Tatcher is the Principal of OTC Limited, a Hong Kongbased planning and design firm. Its work has included planning and design of airports and airport terminals, railway stations, marine transport terminals, intermodal stations and urban mobility solutions in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil and Mexico.

Prof. Jean Woo

Prof. Jean Woo is an Emeritus Professor of Medicine at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, specializing in Gerontology and Geriatrics. She is also Director of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Institute of Aging at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Mr. Rocco Yim

Mr. Rocco Yim is the Executive Director of the award-winning and internationally renowned Rocco Design Architects. Mr. Yim is an Honorary Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and at the University of Hong Kong’s Department of Architecture. He is also a Museum Adviser to the government’s Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

Mr. Paul Zimmerman 

Mr. Paul Zimmerman is a member of Civic Exchange’s Board, an elected Hong Kong District Councillor, and the CEO of Designing Hong Kong, a non-profit organization. He has a master’s in social science (economics) from Erasmus University in Rotterdam, and a master’s of arts (transport policy and planning) from The University of Hong Kong. He was born in the Netherlands and has lived in Hong Kong since 1984.

Mr. Jim Walker (Special Adviser) 

Mr. Jim Walker founded Walk21, the international conference series on walking and liveability, in 2000 when managing a European LIFE project focusing on walking in the City of London. He has since led 15 international conferences including 13 in the top 20 places independently accredited as the most liveable places in the world.