Walk21HK Conference Programme Materials | Day 3

 Day 3 | Innovation and Ideas for Implementing Walkability

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05 October 2016 – HK01 – 【專訪】泊車位變身做公園?三藩市政府鼓勵市民自發「佔領」!

Programme Materials: (Arrange by speakers’ last name in alphabetical order):

Speaker Presentation Title
 Video   PPT  Mariela Alfonzo Moneyballing Walkability: Harnessing the Power of Technology and Data to Help Make Places Better
 Video  PPT  Dadi An Beyond Walking:Improving Urban Mobility Equity in the Age of Information
 Video  PPT  Miguel Zuza Aranoa Walking to School with Walkability City Tool
 Video  PPT  Francesc Arechavala “Colecamins”. School mobility plans for enhance walkability in Valencia
 Video  PPT  Maximilian Franz Böhm Evaluating the usage of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth based sensors for pedestrian counting in urban areas
 Video  PPT  Peter Brimblecombe Air pollution during the Hong Kong protests and its implications for pedestrianisation
 Video   PPT  Benjamin Cha Grosvenor ‘Living cities’
 Video  PPT  Alain Chiaradia Walking for All: infrastructure for walking innovations
 Video  PPT  Melissa Cate Christ Walking, heritage and public space: Stair Culture in Hong Kong
 Video   PPT  Skye Duncan The NEW Global Street Design Guide
 Video  PPT  Lukasz Franek Public space evaluation in Polish cities in the scope of the walking quality
 Video   PPT  Lukasz Franek Krakow – the most walkable city in the Central Europe?
 Video   PPT  Alexandre Fremiot Paris’ Mobility Policy
 Video  PPT  Patrick Fung Clean Air Initiatives on Walkability
 Video   PPT  Daniel Helldén Ready, Steady, Walk – Creating space for a pedestrian friendly city
 Video  PPT  Tony Ho Enhancement of connectivity by underground space development
 Video  PPT   Ding Kwok Clement Ho Walkability Index – An Evaluation tool for walking
 Video  PPT  Danielle Hoppe Measuring walkability in downtown Rio de Janeiro: partnership towards a more walkable city
 Video  PPT  Deborah Kuh Hot, wet and in a rush: designing for climate and density
 Video  PPT  Tse Hin Julian Kwong Vision for Pedestrian Safety in Hong Kong- Urban Speed Management is Crucial
 Video  PPT  Kevin Ka-Lun Lau A pilot study on the dynamic response of pedestrian thermal comfort under outdoor transient conditions
 Video  PPT  Sonia Lavadinho The outdoor city : how public spaces are evolving to welcome active lifestyles in the XXIst century
 Video  PPT  Yves-André Le-Boulaire How can pedestrian data collection help to assess cities overall attractiveness? Examples of different cities around the world
 Video  PPT  Ivo Leiss Walkalytics – Reachability Analysis for your Business
 Video  PPT  Kim Beng Lua Forging Synergy for Accessibility: Nurturing Dialogue for Safe Access to BRT in Ho Chi Minh City
 Video  PPT  Kamana Manandhar Making way to “WALK”
 Video  PPT  Anne Matan Creating space in car dependent cities: The case of building a parklet
 Video  PPT  Nikola Medimorec Pedestrian Safety and Walking Smart in Korea: How Smartphones Can Guide to Safe, Convenient and Secure Paths
 Video   PPT  Eu-Gene Ong Walking In A Multi-Modal Journey – Singapore’s Experience
 Video  PPT  Akihiko Ono How should a street with high bicycle traffic be designed for safety of elderly walker?
 Video  PPT  Adriana Ortegon-Sanchez Built environment effects on perceived accessibility to positive and negative quality networks: views from two neighbourhoods in London
 Video  PPT  Teppei Osada For Safer Walking Environment – Japanese Challenge to Shift Bicycles from Sidewalk to Roadway
 Video  PPT  Panagiotis Papaioannou How walking conditions affect pedestrian preferences: The case of Thessaloniki, Greece
 Video   PPT  Erik Pauldin A Safe Stockholm – How we create a safe environment in the public realm in order to attract more people to use Public Transportation
 Video  PPT  Angelika Psenner This is where We Walk! Researching the “Urban Parterre”
 Video  PPT  Lisa Quinn Sound Access For All: Championing Systemwide Policy Putting Feet First
 Video  PPT  Foad Rabbani Creating a cohesive multi-functional public space and promoting walkability by integrating the various layers of the city Case study: Tehran Eco passage
 Video  PPT  Nicole Ringer Creative approaches to foster walkability within rural communities
 Video  PPT  Francesco Rossini SOS – Seating fOr Socializing. A temporary urban device to revitalize Hong Kong Public Spaces
 Video  PPT  Jacob Samuel Active and Safe Route to School Program (ASRTS): A way to the future – Now is the chance!
 Video  PPT  Jacob Samuel Access for All: Designing for Universal Accessibility. Designing of Swaraj Round – A public space reinvented!
 Video   PPT  Supriya Sen Re-Strategizing the Walkable City – Innovations in Design, Technology, Policy and Finance that are enabling entirely new business models
 Video  PPT  Anitha Silvia The Choice To Walk in Kampongs in Surabaya, Indonesia
 Video   PPT  Alvaro Valera Sosa Walkability for Health
 Video  PPT  Manuel Soto Who is to blame when street environments do not support walking access to public transportation?
 Video   PPT  Alexander Ståhle How walkability drives Europe’s fastest growing city
 Video  PPT  Ziwen Sun Explore a typical walkable space in contemporary Chinese cities: a study of heterogeneous networks of street vendors
 Video   PPT  Kristoffer Tamsons The Stockholm Region – Walking and public transport, the links to create mobility
 Video   PPT  David Tang Building walkable communities in Hong Kong through rail and property integration
 Video  PPT  Xin Tong Relationship between Walkability and Health in Urban Space – A Comparative Study among Asian Cities
 Video  PPT  Geert van Waeg Thanks for keeping the sidewalks safe – the living streets project
 Video   PPT  Min Wu Construction practice of the green way in Guangzhou
 Video   PPT  Rocco Yim Connect 21