Walk21HK Conference Programme Materials | Day 2

Day 2 | People at the Heart of a Walkable City

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04 October 2016 – Hong Kong Satellite – Walk21香港會議揭幕 促共建易行宜居城市
04 October 2016 – RTHK English news – Disabled need a say in urban planning, say NGOs
04 October 2016 – SCMP – Walk the talk, Hong Kong transport minister urges conference on city walkability
04 October 2016 – The Standard – Talking the walk, walking the talk
04 October 2016 – HKCD – 林鄭諾推動港建易行城市
04 October 2016 – Singpao – 林鄭冀港成易行低碳城市


Speaker Presentation Title
 Video  PPT  Lachlan Barber Walking with Jane Jacobs in Hong Kong
 Video  PPT  Florian Breitinger Mobility of older pedestrians: the relevance of different personal & environmental factors for the individual action space
 Video  PPT  Bernardita Calinao Enhancing Walkability with an App that Displays the Walking Environment People Want
 Video   PPT  Ester Cerin Physical Activity in Urban Areas: An international study of 14 cities including Hong Kong
 Video  PPT  Gavin Coates Let’s Reclaim Our Streets!
 Video  PPT Rita Cuypers Child Health Mobility Initiative
 Video  PPT Robyn Davies Putting walking on the world map
 Video  PPT  Ashley Dhanani Walking on the streets of London: a modelling tool for evaluating and planning for active travel
 Video  PPT  Debra Efroymson Engaging Community to reclaim underutilized public spaces!
 Video  PPT Debra Efroymson Don’t Just Talk About Us…Include Us!!
 Video   PPT  Debra Efroymson Big Picture Thinking: Solving Multiple Problems Simultaneously
 Video  PPT Isabel Escobar Altendorfer Street: from a tunnel of the fragmented city to a backbone of community building. Recovering neighbourhoods by improving walkability.
 Video  PPT  Susan Exline Designing Family-Friendly Housing for San Francisco
 Video  PPT Jürgen Furchtlehner From increasing density to dense liveliness: Learning from European streetscapes
 Video  PPT  James Grant Community Led Design
 Video  PPT  Sangjin Han Improving pedestrian safety in urban roads
 Video  PPT Hayato Itai Comparison of pedestrian traffic and density – A case study on transit mall in European cities
 Video  PPT  Jeho Jeon Pedestrian Accidents‘ Characteristics and Countermeasures on Community Road
 Video   PPT  Tobias Knahl Air Quality Action in European Cities: Examples and Experiences from Hamburg
 Video  PPT  Vivian Lai Engaging the Public in Improving Walkability in Kowloon East
 Video   PPT  Sada Lam Integrating Walking and Public Transport – Case Studies of Chinese Cities
 Video  PPT  David Lam The Evolving Planning Concept and Practice in Making Walkable New Towns for Hong Kong
 Video  PPT  Chanam Lee Neighborhood Safety and Walking for Transportation versus Recreation Purposes
 Video  PPT  Ka Man Leung Evaluation of the psychometric properties of Social Environment Questionnaire in the context of Chinese older adults
 Video  PPT Christine Loh  i WALK HONG KONG
 Video  PPT Kim Beng Lua Safe Walkability by Design: Improving Road Safety for Vulnerable Road Users in Bangkok
 Video  PPT  Rodrigo Lurueña Children and senior mobility: A common ground?
 Video  PPT Ruiqu Ma Smart walkability: making our cities walkable by using smart technologies
 Video  PPT  Cameron MacDonald A smarter, multi-layered approach to identifying pedestrian infrastructure priorities – Sharing experience from the Doha West Bay Connectivity Study
 Video   PPT  Andrew Mead Integrating Walking into Public Transportation in Dense Cities – The MTR Experience
 Video  PPT Alvin Mejia Strengthening community actions to encourage governments to walk the talk for people-friendly cities
 Video   PPT  Alvin Mejia Enabling Participation: Bringing Walkability Up the Development Agenda in Asia
 Video  PPT  Eiji Naito Challenges toward Revitalization of Urban Communities in Japan – Shift from Auto-oriented Urban Sprawl to People-oriented Compact City
 Video   PPT  Simon Ng Walking, walkability and clean air in Hong Kong
 Video   PPT  Dane Westerdahl Impact of traffic volume and composition on the air quality and pedestrian exposure in urban street canyons
 Video   PPT  Tyler Norris Every Body Walk! Creating A Social Movement
 Video  PPT  Sunghoon Oh Pedestrian Priority Streets and Risk of Car Accidents: Before-and-after Evaluations
 Video  PPT  Inah Okon Pedestrianism as an Effective Tool for Sustainable Intra-City Commuting in Calabar, Southern Nigeria
 Video  PPT  Monica Olyslagers Saving lives through Star Ratings: The global work of the International Road Assessment Program (iRAP)
 Video  PPT Mathew Pryor Walkability and the public realm
 Video  PPT  Rico Quirindongo Seattle Waterfront Symposium: Creating an Equitable, Walkable Urban Neighborhood
 Video  PPT  Roberto Remes Pedestrian activism and challenges to connect with public policies
 Video  PPT  Ben Rossiter Designing streets for the walking dependent
 Video   PPT  Ben Rossiter Enticing partnerships in walking promotion and advocacy
 Video  PPT Jacob Samuel Community Engagement as a way of advocacy to reclaim underutilized public spaces!
 Video  PPT Peter Sargious The tale is in the $50 million tape: A story of people, passion and partnerships building pathways
 Video  PPT  Rina Sato Walking Towards a Sustainable Region:Ways to Design a Walkable Neighborhood in Japan’s Aging Society
 Video   PPT  Daniel Sauter International standard for measuring walking: how much we walk and what motivates us to walk
 Video   PPT  Oren Tatcher How far will they walk? On transit networks, walkability, and urban mobility choices
 Video  PPT  Ole Thorson In-Depth understanding of accident causation for vulnerable road users
 Video  PPT  Wiebke Unbehaun SWITCHing to active travel – The City of Vienna on the right path to foster inclusive sustainable urban mobility lifestyles
 Video  PPT  Francisco Alaniz Uribe Density is destiny: what is the right density for livable and sustainable good streets? An exercise in reverse engineering, visualization and public engagement.
 Video  PPT  Geert van Waeg  Same traffic rules for different public space user
 Video  PPT Martin Wedderburn Walking, the competition for urban space and congestion: the FLOW multi-modal perspective on congestion reduction
 Video  PPT  Martin Wedderburn Forecasting footfall: People-centric planning for walkability in urban areas
 Video  PPT  Barry Wylant Walking Wise: Critical Explorations of (Smart) Technology in the Urban Realm

Programme Materials (Arrange by speakers’ last name in alphabetical order):