Air Quality

Fair Winds Charter (FWC)
Fair Winds Charter (FWC)

Air pollution has been a long-standing issue in Hong Kong and will remain one of our biggest sustainability challenges in the years to come. We all breathe, rich or poor, young or old, and Hong Kong people deserve clean and safe air. Unfortunately, poor air quality has been undermining people’s health, causing premature deaths, and imposing direct and indirect costs on society.

Civic Exchange is dedicated to research and engagement, with the goal of influencing government policy on air quality. Over the years, we have conducted numerous local and regional research studies on topics such as emissions inventories, health impact assessments, health risk communication, international practices, regional air quality management models, and emission reduction strategies. We also regularly engage with key stakeholders, such as the business sector and university partners, to exchange knowledge, advance policy discussions and plan further actions.

Training and Development of Inspection and Maintenance Personnel in Hong Kong for Road Vehicles

Civic Exchange has published two research reports on I/M for road vehicle in 2013-14, informing and engaging stakeholders in relevant policy discussions. This report represents looks at the issue that has been raised in two of our previous reports, the number and competency of vehicle repair mechanics in Hong Kong.