Governance and Policy

Past and Future Justifications for Functional Constituencies – An Analysis Through the Performance of Functional Constituency Legislators in 2004-2006

This research paper seeks to continue our work in understanding the Functional Constituencies as an important feature of Hong Kong’s political system. The challenge facing Hong Kong today is what to do with the Functional Constituencies as the political system continues to evolve towards universal suffrage.

An Air Management Plan for Hong Kong

The government has an opportunity to end decades of pollution, dangerous air and filthy skies, leaving a legacy of healthier, cleaner air. Reducing pollution must become a central part of the government’s policies that are within an on overall sustainable development context.

Air Pollution: Costs and Paths to Solution

Air pollution is now regarded as one of the highest priorities in environmental protection in both developed and developing economies world-wide. The main driver of policy decision-making is the need to reduce the avoidable cardiopulmonary morbidity and mortality from pollutant exposures.