Asian Urban-Wellbeing Indicators: Hong Kong Report (2016 First Report)

In October 2016, Civic Exchange published a report on urban-wellbeing indicators in Hong Kong. To download the report, click on the link above. As part of Civic Exchange’s commitment to promoting public policy research and civic engagement, we will mak …

Asian Urban-Wellbeing Indicators Comparative Report : Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai (2016 First Report) – Full Report

This full report reveals the wellbeing survey conducted in three Asian cities. It is hoped that the findings will provide insights into city dwellers’ attitudes and priorities in order to identify areas for further research and to provoke discussions on how urban policymakers can better meet people’s needs.

Training and Development of Inspection and Maintenance Personnel in Hong Kong for Road Vehicles

Civic Exchange has published two research reports on I/M for road vehicle in 2013-14, informing and engaging stakeholders in relevant policy discussions. This report represents looks at the issue that has been raised in two of our previous reports, the number and competency of vehicle repair mechanics in Hong Kong.