The Memory Hole: Why Hong Kong Needs an Archives Law

Bad records management has serious consequences. For years, Hong Kong officials have been stuck in a regulatory limbo where they must “print-and-file” important e-mails, a cumbersome and wasteful practice. Moreover, the disappearance of records has been a key part of many recent controversies, including the Jeremy Godfrey incident, the Kitty Chong tree collapse tragedy, the Falun Gong immigration case, Tamar relocation document loss, and many others. The situation is also harmful to Hong Kong’s heritage and identity in the long term.

Media coverage 
23 Apr 2012 – TVB The Pearl Report – What you Still don’t know [Click to watch video]
27 Dec 2011 – Ming Pao Daily News -不能見光的歷史
11 Dec 2011 – RTHK TV feature – 鏗鏘集 (Hong Kong Connection) – Video: 空檔 (Cantonese)
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25 Nov 2011 – South China Morning Post – Failing the memory test (LAI SEE)
25 Nov 2011 – RTHK radio interview – Hong Kong Today
25 Nov 2011 – Hong Kong Economic Journal – 學者支持《檔案法》堵漏洞 (page A15; Chinese only)
25 Nov 2011 – HKU Media Highlight – Scholars at HKU forum urge government to protect public records
25 Nov 2011 – RTHK TV feature – The Pulse – Video: Why Hong Kong needs an Archive Law (6:02)