Taking From the Wild: Moving Towards Sustainability in Hong Kong’s Wildlife Trade

In September 2014, Civic Exchange published a report on wildlife trade in Hong Kong. To download the report, click on the link above.

This timely report provides an account of the current complex state of wildlife trade in Hong Kong. The selected four cases (ivory, timber, shark fins and live reef food fish) are used to highlight some common regulatory, enforcement and monitoring problems in the trade. Civic Exchange hopes that this report can inform policy makers and the community about the steps and actions required to help Hong Kong and its trading partners develop a sustainable model of extracting precious resources.

Essence of the report is captured in two video clips launched in July 2015:
Video 1: Say No To Endangered Species Trading
Video 2: No More Illegal Wildlife Trade

Media coverage:
19 December 2014 – 脈絡號 – 野不可以亂買
17 December 2014 – SCMP – Hong Kong customs seizes 92 tonnes of endangered rosewood (interview)
December 2014 – CUP Magazine – The Port that Promotes Killing
17 October 2014 – SCMP – Ivory towers