Small Houses, Big Effects: Public Opinion Survey on the Small House Policy (Summary Report)

In April 2015, Civic Exchange published the results of a public opinion survey on Hong Kong’s Small House Policy. To download the summary report, click on the link above.

The Small House Policy (SHP) has long been a politically thorny issue, and although the government has at various times since the mid-1990s attempted to review the policy,only minor adjustments have been made since the transfer of sovereignty.

Civic Exchange first published a policy review of the SHP in 2003 in Rethinking the Small House Policy, which provided an overview of the problems associated with the policy and the implications of modifying or repealing it. This was followed by the publication of Small House Policy II: An Update in 2013, which also provided an analysis of major stakeholders’ positions. However, as important as this issue is, there is little hard data on the attitudes of either people directly impacted by the SHP, or the general population, toward the SHP and land use issues in the New Territories. This report therefore aims to fill that gap and help stakeholders consider how best to approach this seemingly sensitive topic in order to initiate an inclusive community dialogue on the way forward.

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