Small House Policy II: An Update

In April 2013, Civic Exchange published a report on Hong Kong’s Small House Policy. To download the report, click on the link above.

As a continuation of Civic Exchange’s publication ‘Rethinking Small House Policy’ (2003), this report provides an update of the policy over the past decade (2003–2012),  identifies remaining problems and conflicts between different stakeholders (the government, the Heung Yee Kuk, indigenous villagers, non-indigenous residents, politicians, green groups, professionals and academics, and general public) and finally suggests a way forward.

Media coverage:
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10 May 2013 – The House News – 檢討丁屋政策 莫一拖再拖 (Chinese only)
08 May 2013 – HKET – 檢討丁屋政策 莫一拖再拖 (Chinese only)
25 April 2013 – SCMP – Call for court to decide on villagers’ right to houses
25 April 2013 – MingPao – 思匯倡丁屋設禁轉讓期 (Chinese only)
24 April 2013 – – 組織倡制定機制預測小型屋宇需求 (Chinese only)