Publication Series – The Changing Faces of Hong Kong: A Cohort Analysis of Women, 1991-2011 Section 4

In February 2013, Civic Exchange published a report on the changing status of women in Hong Kong. To download the report, click on the link above.

This report is compiled from the analysis of the statistics published by the HKSAR Government, academic studies, and grey literature. Louisa Mitchell, the author of this report, constructs profiles of typical women in different age groups comparing their situation today with twenty years ago across topics such as education, earnings, employment, occupation and marital status.

The report is composed of 6 sections:

Section 1: Snapshots and Discussion of the Socio-economic Status of Women in Hong Kong by Age Band 
Section 2: Women today aged ≥60 years
Section 3: Women today aged 40-59 years
Section 4: Women today aged 30-39 years
Section 5: Women today aged 20-29 years
Section 6: Women and girls today aged 15-19 years