Medical Priority Dispatch System – Urgently Needed in Hong Kong

The Legislative Council Panel on Security discussed Security Bureau’s “Outcome of Public Consultation on the Proposed Introduction of the MPDS” on 13 April 2010. Civic Exchange hosted a press briefing and invited Mr Cheung Tak Hai from the Alliance for Patients’ Mutual Help Organizations and Prof Timothy Rainer from Prince of Wales Hospital’s Service Department of Emergency Medicine to explain the importance of adopting MPDS.

Media Coverage

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Call for speedier ambulance changes
South China Morning Post – 10 April 2010:
Calls grow for priority ambulance system
Hong Kong Daily News – 10 April 2010:
救護車調派3級制 病人組織盼盡快實行
Headline Daily – 10 April 2010:
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救護車調派分級制 病人組織冀速落實
RTHK Backchat – 12 April 2010:
Medical Priority Dispatch System