Improving Hong Kong’s Emission Inspection Programme for On-Road Diesel Commercial Vehicles

In September 2014, Civic Exchange published a report on Hong Kong’s emission inspection programme for diesel commercial vehicles. To download the summary report, click on the link above.

In August 2013, Civic Exchange published a report reviewing the inspection and maintenance programme for on-road vehicles in Hong Kong. It was our first attempt to help policy makers and the public better understand the importance of including a welldesigned inspection and maintenance programme in Hong Kong’s comprehensive vehicular pollution control strategy in order to realise the city’s emission reduction targets.

Improving Hong Kong’s Emission Inspection Programme for On-road Diesel Commercial Vehicles is a follow-up study. Civic Exchange has realised, through the first research, that one of the major defects of the current inspection and maintenance programme is the failure in effectively measuring emissions (particularly NOx and PM) coming out from diesel commercial vehicles. According to the latest official data, there were over 41,000 heavy goods vehicles in Hong Kong in 2011 and they were the biggest emitters of PM2.5 and NOx among different types of goods vehicles. A better inspection and maintenance programme for diesel commercial vehicles is needed to ensure their emissions are kept low and therefore reduce the risks posed to public health.

This report looks at the latest developments in emission inspection programmes for commercial diesel vehicles, in other parts of the world and identifies the lessons Hong Kong can learn.
Launching video: (Cantonese with limited captions)