How Hong Kong’s Universities Recruit, Admit and Support Students with Disabilities

In March 2012, Civic Exchange published a report on how universities in Hong Kong treat students with disabilities. To download the report, click on the link above.

This research project looks at how Hong Kong’s universities recruit, admit and support students with disabilities. It aims to understand the status of students with disabilities in Hong Kong’s universities today, and make suggestions for increasing their number and improving their university experience and transition into employment.

Media coverage
8 Sep 2012 – Ming Pao Weekly (Opinion) – 淡綠生活:重重教育障礙 (Chinese only)
26 July 2012 – China Daily Hong Kong Edition – Disenabling the disabled
8 May 2012 – Hong Kong Economic Times – 看齊頂級大學助殘疾求學 (Chinese only)
22 Mar 2012 – South China Morning Post – Daunting obstacles to the full university experience