Hong Kong Headline Indicators for Biodiversity and Conservation

In May 2011 the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) was formally extended to Hong Kong, opening a new page for nature conservation here. Protecting our biodiversity also plays a critical role in retaining Hong Kong’s position as the most liveable city in China. The indicators listed in the current report will provide a broad picture of the state of both biodiversity and conservation in Hong Kong.

Media coverage
7 Oct 2011 – Apple Daily – 蘋果汁:港府生物保育落後 (Chinese only)
7 Oct 2011 – Ta Kung Pao – 團體批本港生態保育落後 (Chinese only)
7 Oct 2011 – am730 – 違例發展檢控率低 港生物保育不足 (Chinese only)
7 Oct 2011 – HKET – 豐樂圍項目 補做生態評估 (Chinese only)
7 Oct 2011 – Skypost – 團體抨本港生態保育落後 (Chinese only)