California Air Resources Board – Improving Air Quality in a Growing Economy: Lessons for Hong Kong & the Pearl River Delta

In February 2012, Civic Exchange published a report on how California’s authorities improved air quality. To download the report, click on the link above.

In 2007, Civic Exchange published a report entitled Lessons for Hong Kong: Air Quality Management in London and Los Angeles, which examined best practice in two cities that have achieved notable success in reducing air pollution. Despite various efforts, Hong Kong has made little progress in tackling air pollution that continues to threaten public health. This report sets out the key elements that have made CARB (California Air Resources Board) so successful, and provides a sample of mini case studies which demonstrate the wide variety of approaches CARB has adopted to address the threats from different types and sources of air pollution. Both are presented so that officials in Hong Kong and the PRD may have easy access to a proven approach that could contribute significantly towards the air pollution that is such a blight on the health of people in Hong Kong and the PRD.