Building Democracy: Creating Good Government for Hong Kong

Edited by Christine Loh and Civic Exchange

This book offers an analysis of Hong Kong’s current political situation within the larger context of its political history and its relationship to Beijing.

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Click to download the pamphlets that consist of the essences from the publication.

a) Accountability and Open Government by Cheung Chor-yung

b) The Civil Service and Political Reform by Prof. Anthony B.L. Cheung

c) Civil Society and Democratic Development in Hong Kong by Christine Loh

d) Building Constitutional Conventions in Hong Kong by Sonny Lo

e) Democratic Development and Business Interests by Ma Ngok

f) Electoral Systems by C. Raj Kumar

g) Inclusive Participatory Forums by Ivy Ning

h) Political Reform and Political Parties by Dr. Ray Yep

i) The Basic Law and Democratic Development by Prof. Michael Davis

j) The Legislature and the Executive in Hong Kong by Dr. Ming SING

k) The Media and Society in Hong Kong by Prof. Richard Cullen

l) Women and Politics by Irene Tong