Letter to LegCo Environmental Affairs

Civic Exchange welcomes the Review of Air Quality Objectives (AQO) as an important opportunity to reduce the threat to public health of Hong Kong’s highly polluted air. The government should state a new policy on air quality. Since 2006, Civic Exchange has proposed the following statement…

Letter to Chief Secretary for Administration

Civic Exchange had a meeting with The Chief Secretary for Administration Hon. Henry Tang and has put our views to him regarding the Policy Address 2009-10. This letter aims to elaborate on the issues put forward during the meeting and suggests 6 areas to be addressed in the upcoming Policy Address.

Submission to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Hong Kong’s air pollution is unusually high and harmful to its citizen’s health for an economically mature service-based economy with high GDP, relatively sound governance structures, universal health care provision, and abundant financial reserves. Reference to the Hedley Environmental Index, demonstrates that…