Press Coverage

Moderate Voice

South China Morning Post: Over the years, many commentators have decried protest stunts in the Legislative Council, civil disobedience tactics and demonstrations as alarming signs of social decay –  yet, when seen in their historical context, today’s confrontations are not unusual.

Green Value

South China Morning Post: Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying’s policy address drew a swift reaction from six environmental groups, which criticised him for blaming the serious shortage of housing supply in Hong Kong on the zoning of large areas of land for non-development use, such as country parks.

Means and End

South China Morning Post: When Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying said last October that Hong Kong’s political system could not allow people earning below HK$14,000 a month to dominate the political process, he was not merely expressing a noxious personal opinion.

Falling Short

South China Morning Post: Some members of the public plan to file a judicial review against the Environmental Department’s decision to grant an environmental permit to the Airport Authority to build a third runway. Such a court challenge has apparently become routine, reflecting public doubts about the credibility of the environmental impact assessment process.

Ballot Blocks

South China Morning Post: Hong Kong may be the only jurisdiction on earth which allows non-human corporate entities to vote, and their existence is one of the murkiest aspects of Hong Kong’s political system.

Power to Change

South China Morning Post: At a recent forum on urban innovations, hosted by the European Union Academic Programme, Dominic Weiss of the Smart City Vienna project gave an inspiring talk about his city’s sustainable development policies.

Walking: the New Mobility

This DutchCham Magazine article (Vol. 170) highlights the growing calls in Hong Kong for pro-pedestrian city planning, and how a recent proposal for Des Voeux Road Central might enhance pedestrian and business environment, provide attractive and vibrant streets, and improve roadside air quality.

A high cost to Hong Kong

Air pollution may threaten the future of one of east Asia’s top financial destinations. Published by China Dialogue, Eric Cheng reports on a way to count the cost of the problem.