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Report on the Revitalization of Industrial Buildings

29 August 2014

Authors : John Wang

This report is written by a 2014 Summer intern student, John Wang. (more...)

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Ramifications of Hong Kong’s statutory minimum wage law on narrowing the gender wage gap

31 July 2014

Author : Rita Lo

This paper is written by a 2014 internship student, Rita Lo. (more...)

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Enjoyable Street Experience – Walkability, Connectivity, Community

30 August 2013

Author : Keith Chan

Witnessing the vast undersupply of good street environments in Hong Kong, the author is motivated to look into features which enable good experiences, so that urban planners and policy makers can proceed from merely solving urban problems to designing for living streets. (more...)

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Search for Quiet

15 July 2013

This paper provides a comprehensive overview of noise control measures to the public in Hong Kong, as well as recommendations for further controlling noise pollution from various sources including... (more...)

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Significance of ambient volatile organic compounds (VOC) on public health and air quality in Hong Kong

1 June 2012

This paper examine the volatile organic compounds (VOC) issue in Hong Kong, compares Hong Kong’s control measures of VOC with those adopted in foreign countries, and then provides policy recommendations. (more...)

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