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Electing Hong Kong's Chief Executive

30 June 2011

This book reviews the history and development of the Election Committee (and its predecessor), discusses its ties to legislative assemblies in Hong Kong and Mainland China, and reflects on the future of the system. (more...)

Underground Front – The Chinese Communist Party in Hong Kong

7 October 2010

This book brings events right up to date and includes the results of a survey about the Hong Kong public’s attitude towards the CCP. (more...)

The Great Disconnect

11 November 2009

Author : Prof. Bill Barron

The world economy has expanded to the point where a number of planetary boundaries, of which climate change is the most talked about, are being severely stretched. There are simply too many unsustainable trajectories for the system to continue as it has for the past several decades for several more decades to come... (more...)

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Climate Change Negotiations: Can Asia Change the Game?

1 October 2008

Authors : Christine Loh, Simon Tay, Andrew Steveson

There is little question that Asia must work alongside the developed countries, and all others, to contribute to a global climate change solution. The question that remains, however, is the nature, extent, and terms of Asia’s contribution. The different chapters in this book... (more...)

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China’s Great Leap: The Beijing Games and Olympian Human Rights Challenges

6 May 2008

This book is edited by Minky Worden. Christine Loh contributed a chapter on air quality and the environment. (more...)

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