Vision Behind Organizing Walk21HK

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Publication Date : 1 January 1970

In line with its focus on air quality, energy, urban planning, climate change, nature conservation and water resources management, Civic Exchange partners with organisations and other stakeholders where natural synergies exist in the pursuit of common goals.

One example of the fruits of such a collaboration is the Walk21 Hong Kong Conference that highlights how “pedestrian-first” environments promote economic growth, social inclusion, low-carbon emission and a number of benefits that contribute to societal and individual wellbeing. Civic Exchange has co-organised the five-day Conference with Walk21, an international leader in championing walking. In its 17th year, this is the first time a Walk21 event has been held in Asia. The Conference will bring together 500 delegates with world-class speakers including city mayors, industry specialists, chief executives, civil society organisations and leading academics. The goal of Walk21 Hong Kong is to share best practice and advancements in walkable, urban cities around the globe with an aim to influence public policy.