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Walk21HK Public Forum: Connecting People to Water

19 May 2016

Hong Kong’s harbourfront plays an iconic role in providing an enjoyable walking environment and quality public space that benefit both local residents and tourists around the world. This Public Forum aims to facilitate an informed discussion among international experts, local stakeholders and the community about the planning of a world-class harbourfront that is accessible to people and for people.


Investing in Innovation to Implement the Paris Climate Agreement

22 April 2016

In this seminar, Dr. Varun Sivaram from Council on Foreign Relations articulated major objectives of international partnerships to invest in clean energy technology, review recent progress — especially between the United States and China — and made recommendations for how the world could best leverage the political displayed in Paris.


Clean Air Plan 2.0 & beyond

19 April 2016

As the Government begins to review Hong Kong’s Air Quality Objectives (AQOs) later this year, it is time for us to identify and consider air pollution control measures that would help reduce roadside emissions and achieve tighter standards.


Unopened Space

26 January 2016

This is the fifth seminar of the Civic Exchange Seminar Series. Carine Lai, Project Manager, will introduce our new research project, "Unopened Space: An Illusion of Public Access".


Previewing COP21 in Paris

6 November 2015

Civic Exchange and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is co-organising an event on Paris climate change conference. Prof. Daniel Bodansky from Arizona State University will preview the Paris conference, focusing on the legal issues in the negotiations.