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Civic Exchange seeks exceptional interns in Research and Communications.

  • Internship in Research, Fall 2016
    The 2016 Fall (September to December) Research Internship Programme is now open for applications. Interested parties please see “How to apply” for details. Shortlisted candidates will be notified for interviews in June 2016. Applicants who do not receive our notification for interviews in June 2016 may consider their applications unsuccessful.**

  • Internship in Communications
    The Communications Internship Programme is now open for applications. Interested parties please see “How to apply” for details. Shortlisted candidates will be notified for interviews.

How to Apply

Application Procedure

Interested candidates should contact Steven Molyneux-webb  (smwebb@civic-exchange.org) with the period of time they would like to intern with the Civic Exchange and possible research topics for research internship applications. We accept applications throughout the year. Applicants must also enclose a copy of the following documents:

  1. Curriculum vitae;
  2. Availability
  3. Writing sample – this must be a quality piece of writing that demonstrates the candidate's capacity for writing, research, and critical thinking.
  4. Any relevant social media sample (for internship in Communications only)

Please make sure all required documents and information are enclosed before submitting your application.

Strong applicants will receive an e-mail to discuss their plans for the internship programme. This correspondence will also provide both sides with a chance to determine suitability.
Those selected for the internship will finalise their program goals and requirements through e-mail correspondence with their supervisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will interns be paid?
We are unable to pay interns, but can reimburse them for out of pocket expenses that are directly related to their research work, such as the purchase of research materials. For overseas applicants, we are unfortunately unable to cover transportation and living costs, although we will help applicants as much as possible to find reasonably priced accommodations.

Is there a language requirement?
Interns must be able to speak one or more of English, Mandarin, or Cantonese. Their written project must be written in either English or Chinese.

How much of my work must take place in the Civic Exchange office?
Our Research internship programme is on a full-time basis. Interns are expected to work five full days a week on their research. Internships in Communications are more flexible and working schedules are determined between the interns and the supervisors.

What kind of person should apply to intern at the Civic Exchange?
Civic Exchange interns come from a variety of academic and cultural backgrounds. For Research, a strong applicant is someone who is a student or recent graduate, who demonstrates interest toward a particular subject and the motivation to conduct independent research, and who is able to produce a finished research paper at the end of the internship program.

For internship in Research:

How long should the finished research paper be?
We have no specific style/subject requirements. Interns will identify a subject that is of interest to them and work with the Civic Exchange to produce a research paper. The subject may be highly personal and discuss one's own thoughts, insights and experience, or it may be analytical. If the intern selects an analytical topic, the report needs to be fully footnoted.

What should be the subject/style of the finished project?
The length and depth of the paper will depend on the amount of time that the intern spends with Civic Exchange as well as the intern's own capabilities. We hope that the work is of sufficient quality so that it can be published as a Civic Exchange Intern Publication. For a better understanding of report formats, please consult the "Publications" section of the Civic Exchange website.

Will my work be published?
High quality research papers will be published under the Civic Exchange name, both on our website and in hard copy, with the intern credited as author. Papers not published in this manner, but which do meet a minimum standard of excellence, may be published as Civic Exchange Intern Publications.

What if my research requires conducting interviews?
Civic Exchange will assist in arranging interviews with experts and stakeholders if necessary.

**All enquiries related internship should be directed to Steven Molyneux-webb (smwebb@civic-exchange.org) .