The Jockey Club Civic Exchange “Reconnecting Open Space” Programmme Launches

Civic Exchange is pleased to announce the launch of The Jockey Club Civic Exchange “Reconnecting Open Space” Programme. This is a public engagement project which aims to evaluate and raise societal awareness on the quality of open space in the city. It is an initiative funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and led by Civic Exchange. This one-year project will cover an 18-district-wide public opinion survey, capacity building programmes for tertiary and secondary students, a public forum, and a research report.

Educational Outreach 

We held our first educational event, the “Covering Open Space 101 Workshop,” on 7 February 2018 at the Hong Kong Baptist University Department of Journalism.

Lead Researcher Carine Lai was joined by Christopher DeWolf, an author, photographer and journalist who has covered urbanism issues.  They addressed a group of more than 50 students, to share tips on gathering  data and what it is like to be a reporter covering open space issues in Hong Kong. In the coming months, HKBU students will work closely with the Civic Exchange team to produce multimedia content on open space issues ranging from pet access to park design in Hong Kong.

Meet the Team

Ms Carine Lai
Lead Researcher
Carine Lai has an MSc in International Planning and a BA/BFA in Political Science and Studio Art. She has a keen interest in urban design, public open space, walkability, planning history, land policy and political economy in Hong Kong. She was also the Lead Researcher for Civic Exchange’s report, “Unopened Space: Mapping Equitable Availability of Open Space in Hong Kong”, published in February 2017.

Ms Vicky Kung
Project Manager
Vicky Kung has an MSc in Urban Planning and a BSocSc in Journalism. She was originally trained as a journalist and later joined Civic Exchange in 2016. She is interested in urban planning, public affairs and media and public engagement.