Civic Exchange Welcomes Visiting Fellow Paula DiPerna

HONG KONG, 1 February 2018 –  Civic Exchange is delighted to welcome Paula DiPerna, a renowned US-based policy advisor, as a Visiting Fellow from February to April 2018. While in Hong Kong, Ms DiPerna will be conducting public talks, as well as working closely with Civic Exchange and other stakeholders on environmental issues.

Ms DiPerna has deep expertise in the fields of climate change and green finance, through her work at the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) and Tianjin Climate Exchange (TCX).  She is currently a Special Advisor to the CDP (formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project), as well as a prolific author, public speaker, media commentator, and filmmaker.

Ms DiPerna was previously CCX’s Executive Vice President for Recruitment and Public Policy, and President of the International Division. She had special responsibility for emerging markets like China, India and Korea, and led the expansion of CCX membership among greenhouse gas emitters. Along with CCX Chairman Dr Richard L Sandor, Ms DiPerna spearheaded the joint venture that created the establishment of the Tianjin Climate Exchange (TCX),  the first of China’s pilot carbon trading markets, and served on its founding Board of Directors.

She was also the former President of the Chicago-based Joyce Foundation, which had assets of approximately $1 billion and a grantmaking portfolio of $40 million per year.  She has acted as a consultant to the World Bank, the Global Environment Facility, and LEAD-International. In 1998, Ms. DiPerna was named an Eisenhower Fellow, an international program recognizing emerging leaders.  DiPerna was also awarded a residency at the Bellagio Center by the Rockefeller Foundation.  She is also a member of the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations. Ms DiPerna spent near two decades with the Cousteau Society, where she had served as Vice President for International Affairs, working closely with underwater pioneer Jacques Cousteau, and wrote and co-produced a dozen documentary films from locales around the world.

Ms DiPerna’s has extensive experience with environmental issues at both the high-level policy and community level.  Her book, “Cluster Mystery: Epidemic and the Children of Woburn, Mass.” (1985), about a mother who discovered water pollution sites in her town after her child became ill with leukemia, remains a touchstone study of  environmental epidemiology.

Ms DiPerna holds B.A. and M.A. degrees from New York University.