Civic Exchange Joins Anti-Waste Group

HONG KONG, 22 December 2017 — Civic Exchange has joined Drink Without Waste: The Single-Use Beverage Packaging Working Group, along with more than 20 other organisations  from the business, academic and environmental fields.

The goal of the initiative is to  develop solutions for reducing waste from beverage consumption. Urgent action is needed to reduce the 136 tonnes of plastic PET bottles, 91 tonnes of multi-layer cardboard drink packaging, 41 tonnes of aluminium cans and the 275 tonnes of glass bottles which are disposed every day in Hong Kong according to Government’s 2015 statistics. With the tightening of the waste import policy by Mainland China, it is becoming ever more apparent that local processing capacities are needed to meet the import requirements of nations that can use our resources.

Research and consultation are expected to take six months.

More details can be found on an English and Chinese press release here.

Press coverage

South China Morning Post — 23 Dec 2018 — “Business and Environmental Groups Come Together to Tackle Hong Kong’s Waste Issue.”