Civic Exchange’s Board of Directors Appoints New CEO


Civic Exchange’s Board of Directors appoints new CEO

HONG KONG, Tuesday, 26 April 2016 – Independent public policy think tank Civic Exchange announced today that its board of directors has unanimously chosen Maura Wong as the organisation’s new Chief Executive Officer.

She succeeds Yan-yan Yip, Civic Exchange’s current CEO, on 30 April 2016.

“With deep-rooted interests in the environment and public policy, Maura brings extensive business and non-profit leadership experience in both Hong Kong and Mainland China, most recently as an investor in the environmental sector”, said Civic Exchange board co-chair, Kylie Uebergang. “Maura strongly believes that much can be done to improve both Hong Kong and regional urban and natural environments. We are thrilled to have Maura lead Civic Exchange through its next phase and new strategy.”

Yip has been with Civic Exchange since 2001 and led the organisation since the departure of Christine Loh to HKSAR Government as Undersecretary for the Environment in 2012. Yip will step into a new role on 2 May 2016 as CEO of WYNG Foundation, which is a longtime supporter of Civic Exchange.

“We congratulate Yan-yan on her exciting new job,” Uebergang said, “and thank her for almost 15 years of unwavering dedication and excellence”.

About Civic Exchange:

Civic Exchange is an independent, non-partisan, Hong Kong-based public policy think tank established in September 2000 by Christine Loh and Lisa Hopkinson. With a vision to shape a liveable and sustainable Hong Kong, Civic Exchange’s mission is to advance civic education and engage society to shape public policy, through research, dialogue and development of practical solutions.

Civic Exchange undertakes research in three major areas: Air Quality, Nature Conservation and Urban Environment, within an overarching framework of promoting Wellbeing.

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Civic Exchange’s Board of Directors:

Civic Exchange was ranked 46th among the world’s Top Environment Policy Think Tanks in 2015 according to Global Go To Think Tank Index. In that year, for the first time, Civic Exchange was the only such organisation in Hong Kong listed in Best Independent Think Tanks. The index, produced by the University of Pennsylvania’s Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program, is based on an assessment of 6,846 think tanks globally and is the result of a survey of about 7,500 international journalists, public and private donors, and policy makers.

Maura Wong, New CEO of Civic Exchange:

Wong is one of the earliest Private Equity investors in Asia, starting with the Goldman Sachs Principal Investment Area when the group made its first investments in China in early 1990s. With over 20 years of private equity experience in Asia, she was a Founding Partner at Chase Capital/JP Morgan Partners Asia, a leading buyout fund in Asia. In recent years, she has focused her efforts toward sustainable investments in sectors that produce significant environmental and social impact. Since 2010, she has held a role with Olympus Capital, making investments in the environmental sector.