A Tribute to Prof. Anthony Hedley

Professor Anthony Hedley, Emeritus Professor of the School of Public Health of the University of Hong Kong, and a world-renowned public health expert, passed away on 19 December 2014 in the Isle of Man, United Kingdom.

Professor Hedley was a long-term collaborator and a close friend of Civic Exchange. With his team from the HKU Public Health School, Professor Hedley and Civic Exchange worked tireless together over the last decade on issues related to air pollution in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta. Our combined effort has led to the publication of a number of academic papers and research reports on air quality and public health, as well as sustained pressure on the Hong Kong SAR Government to review and tighten Hong Kong’s outdated Air Quality Objectives for public health reasons.

Civic Exchange is also extremely proud to have involved in the early development of the Hedley Environmental Index, named after Professor Hedley, which helps reframe public perception on air pollution and facilitate an informed discussion in society about the real cost of air pollution and the consequences of inaction. The Hedley Environmental Index has certainly improved the communication of the health risks and economic costs associated with air pollution to policy makers and the general public.

Apart from his invaluable contribution to the public health profession and education in Hong Kong, and to fighting for better protection of Hong Kong people from air pollution, Professor Hedley’s infectious passion, charisma and determination has also inspired people around him, including colleagues and researchers in our office. Civic Exchange mourns the loss of a great friend, a great scholar, and a truly great man.

We offer our deepest condolences to Professor Hedley’s family and friends.

Rest in peace, Tony.