Civic Exchange Welcomes a New Chapter for Air Quality Management in Hong Kong

HONG KONG: Thursday, 28 March 2013 – Civic Exchange welcomes the joint announcement of “A Clean Air Plan for Hong Kong” (the Plan) by the Environment Bureau, the Transport and Housing Bureau, the Development Bureau, and the Food and Hygiene Bureau today.

After over a decade of under-achievements and broken promises on air quality improvement, the Government finally rolls out a plan to energise new efforts to right the wrongs. This is long overdue, but a much welcomed approach. The Plan is a demonstration of the current administration’s commitment to deliver clean air to Hong Kong people and to protect public health.
“The Plan will become an important blueprint for air quality management in Hong Kong for years to come”, explains Simon Ng, Civic Exchange’s Head of Transport and Sustainability Research. “It helps re-focus policy direction, re-define action priority, and re-connect Hong Kong people with this very important issue that is affecting them every day.”
Civic Exchange is delighted to see that the administration has put protecting public health as a policy goal and has set a timeline to meet designated targets. With the Chief Executive’s command for multi-disciplinary policies, and with the appropriate allocation of financial resources, Civic Exchange expects the four policy bureaux to work closely together to fully implement the measures that are stated in the Plan.
While the public’s attention will rightly focus on the scope of the action items, and how effective they might be, Civic Exchange believes that it is important to not lose sight on the bigger picture. “It is most encouraging to see the Government taking leadership again, and that collaboration between different policy bureaux is happening,” remarks Simon Ng. “We need every government agencies to put their weight behind the Plan for clean air and blue sky.”