Press Release: Civic Exchange to Comment on Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change

The long-awaited Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change is expected to be released on Monday 30 October 2006 in London. Christine Loh will be available to provide comments to the press after its release.
More detailed briefings can be arranged later that week for interested parties. Sir Nicholas Stern, Head of the UK Government Economic Service and former Chief Economist at the World Bank, was charged by the British Prime Minister and Chancellor with the task of examining basic issues related to the economics of climate change. The focus of the study is the impact of economic growth on energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions, consequences and costs of climate change for developed and developing nations, and the economic implications of options for achieving stabilisation of atmospheric greenhouse gas levels. The study will also identify incentive structures and policies that will be most efficient and equitable in reducing net emissions. Crucially, the report is expected to discuss ways in which countries might best collaborate in a global response.
“There will be important messages for Hong Kong and our neighbourhood – Macao and Guangdong. This will be a report that the HKSAR Government as well as local businesses should take note of”, said Christine Loh, CEO of Civic Exchange and a Member of the G8+5 Climate Change Dialogue’s International Advisory Board.