Press Release: Multi-media Functions at to Boost Turnout Rate

Independent public policy think tank, Civic Exchange has incorporated a range of multi-media functions at its newly launched website The non-partisan site, VOTE04, is a pilot project that aims to use alternative IT means and multimedia to encourage higher participation in the coming Legislative Council (LegCo) Election.
In addition to the basic information about the 2004 LegCo election, Civic Exchange has enriched VOTE04 by adding and refining THREE major interesting features: 
1) SMS Centre: The first time in Hong Kong’s history that messaging to and from mobile phones is used to boost turnout rate in elections. Users can send “canned” (Pre-composed) election messages or their own election messages via VOTE04 website. The first 500 registered users can gain 20 free SMS messages. VOTE04 also welcomes users to propose other fun messages and to enter SMS design contest.
2) A series of commentaries on the LegCo election and rolling poll surveys: Christine Loh, CEO of Civic Exchange has written a series of commentary on the 2004 Legislative Council Election. Bilingual versions are available at VOTE04 website. Besides, charts showing the results of rolling poll surveys jointly conducted by Civic Exchange and Public Opinion Programme are also available. It is the first time in Hong Kong that “serialized” rolling poll survey results are made available to the general public.
3) Multi-media clips on election-related issues and animated political cartoons: The multi-media section of VOTE04 website contains animated political cartoons drawn by young cartoonists. By end of the August 2004, VOTE04 will also produce several 1-/2-minute video clips introducing the myths and facts of the 2004 LegCo election.
The website is lively, interactive and informative and is updated regularly with new information, charts and cartoons.