Press Release: Civic Exchange Publishes “Building Democracy: Creating Good Government for Hong Kong”

Public policy think tank Civic Exchange will publish its second book, "Building Democracy: Creating Good Government for Hong Kong", with the Hong Kong University Press in September 2003. "Building Democracy" provides the information and tools that the people of Hong Kong need to participate actively and effectively in discussing Hong Kong’s constitutional arrangements in the years leading up to 2007.
"Building Democracy" is a timely collection of short essays written by experts on the topics that are critical to Hong Kong’s political evolution. The chapters include: The Basic Law, Human Rights and Democracy, Legislative-Executive Interface in Hong Kong, Accountable and Open Government, Election and Voting Systems, Political Reforms and Political Parties, Civil Service and Political Reform, Constitutional Conventions and Political Reform, Democratic Development and Business Interests, The Media and Society in Hong Kong, Women and Politics, Civil Society and Democratic Development in Hong Kong and
Experiencing Democracy. The postscript discusses July 2003’s protests.
“Democracy is not a gift, it is the people’s choice. No matter how difficult it is, I believe that people of Hong Kong want to have their choice of government. This much needed book could help people better understand the issues related to democracy and then make their choice.” – Allen LEE Peng Fei
This book is “…essential reading for anyone seeking to understand Hong Kong’s struggle to realize the promise of ‘one country, two systems’. Written on the eve of the ‘People Power’ demonstrations of July 2003, Building Democracy is at once a history of Hong Kong’s fitful march towards democracy, and a powerful argument for a faster pace of change.” – John Kamm
"Building Democracy" is the second book in the “Civic Exchange Guides” series, developed for anyone seeking to participate in the dialogue on public affairs in Hong Kong or shape decision-making on a particular issue. This volume is also a part of Civic Exchange’s “Enhancing Democratic Participation Project”, which aims to enhance democratic participation in Hong Kong as widely as possible.